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Meet Lisa 

Lisa Nicole Hair Studio Owner

"My favorite thing about being a hairstylist is the opportunity to help my clients learn to love their hair. Hair doesn't have to be a struggle..... it can be fun!

When you sit in my chair, plan to find a new-found passion for styling your hair.....even if your mornings sometimes feel like sheer chaos. I make gorgeous hair easy and achievable."

I'm a hair stylist, but I was never meant to be one. In fact, it wasn't until the universe saw fit to put me behind a salon reception desk that I ended up becoming a full-fledged stylist. Nevertheless, I am genuinely grateful for how everything has unfolded and brought me to this point in my career!


As a hair stylist and salon owner it is my mission is to make sure that every time you walk into my salon, you leave with healthy hair. And that's not just because it sounds good—it's because it's what your hair deserves!


That's why I spend so much time teaching my clients how to care for their locks between appointments. It doesn't matter if you're looking for blended color or just want a trim: we'll talk about how you can keep your hair looking its best between visits with me. 

When I'm not in the salon I like to play with my two chihuahuas Gypsy Rainbow Star & Glitter Rain Sparkle. Seriously, my dog toy buying is out of control—but what can I say? It's hard not to spoil them when they're so adorable!

I also work part time as a patient care coordinator for

Dr. James Rieger. There we provide everything from botox to breast implants. If you want to learn a little more about this click here

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